Why Careers2B?

  • Addressing a National Need. People with disabilities face challenges in gaining the work experience they need to secure truly competitive career opportunities.
  • How People with Disabilities Benefit. Having a career makes all the difference for a qualified job-seeker with a disability.
  • How Sponsor Companies Benefit. Careers2B can help companies meet diversity initiatives, gain the unique perspective that people with disabilities can bring to the table, and enrich the overall corporate atmosphere.
  • How Hiring Companies Benefit. Connecting with the Careers2B program enables companies to attract individuals from this untapped talent pool. The program also helps to address diversity initiatives or meet diversity requirements, without compromising hiring standards.
  • How Careers2B Reduces Government Spending. Private sector programs to help people with disabilities find gainful employment can increase the number of people with disabilities in the workforce and reduce the number of people on disability benefits, ultimately reducing government spending.