Mission:  To provide professional work experience that leads to competitive employment for people with disabilities, by addressing the lack of work experience barrier.

Strategy:  As of March 2013, the labor force participation rate of people with disabilities was 20.7%.  As a result, the labor pool of individuals with disabilities includes dense talent seeking early career positions. This innovative, regional workforce development model provides 12-months of work experience to increase the marketability of the Careers2B talent pool to employers.

  • Sponsor companies reserve positions in professional job occupations and identify the skills and education required. 
  • Bender Consulting recruits individuals with disabilities, who are seeking early career opportunities and have the required skills and educational background.
  • As a Bender Consulting employee, the Careers2B participant engages in 12 months of work experience at the sponsor company.
  • Upon completion of the sponsor company work experience, the Careers2B participant applies for career opportunities in the general market.  Additionally, Bender Consulting will market Careers2B program participants to companies seeking talent.

Note:  The Sponsor Company reserved position will host a Careers2B participant for 12 months. When the Careers2B participant completes the program, the reserved position is filled with another individual with a disability for the next 12 months. The Sponsor Company may hire the Careers2B participant as a full-time employee, into a position that is not a part of the Careers2B Program.