Careers2B is a unique collaboration requiring participation by three distinct entities, partnership coordinator, sponsor company, and hiring company.  Bender Consulting serves as the partnership coordinator of the Careers2B program parties.  Bender recruits, screens, directs and manages Careers2B program participants.  Sponsor companies, such as Bayer Corporation and Highmark provide marketable work experience for a period of 12 months.  Hiring companies hire individuals who are participating in or have completed the Careers2B 12-month work experience.  Examples of hiring companies to date, include; Federated Investors, Center for Victims, EEOC, Highmark, Pomeroy, InnoSource and Bayer Corporation.

Careers2B On-Boarding Process

  • Sponsor Company allocates a full-time role within their organization as a Careers2B reserved position and communicates skills and education required.
  • Bender Consulting, the partnership coordinator, recruits qualified candidates.
  • Sponsor Company interviews and selects candidate.
  • Bender Consulting hires the individual and provides benefits.
  • Sponsor Company pays an hourly rate to Bender Consulting (skill dependent).

Post-Careers2B Hiring Process

  • Bender Consulting works with Careers2B participant to update their resume and develop a career capture plan.
  • Careers2B participant initiates career search.
  • Bender Consulting maintains a database of Hiring Companies.
  • Bender Consulting submits qualified candidates to Hiring Company when specific career opportunities are known.
  • Hiring Company interviews and selects candidate.

Careers2B Program Responsibilities

Bender Consulting, Partnership Coordinator

  • Recruit and maintain database of sponsor companies.
  • Recruit and maintain database of hiring companies.
  • Recruit and maintain database of applicants with disabilities.
  • Collect/document Careers2B participant performance feedback from sponsor company manager.
  • Maintain a database of Careers2B participants and alumni.
  • Market Careers2B program participants and alumni to hiring companies.

Sponsor Company

  • Communicate details associated with the Careers2B reserved position, including skills and experience required and skills that will be developed.
  • Provide work area; delegate/approve work; provide mentoring.
  • Provide performance feedback on a quarterly basis.
  • Allow time for Careers2B participant interviews.
  • Allow transition timeframe from Sponsor Company to Hiring Company within a nine-month to 15-month window.
  • Suggest improvements regarding the Careers2B Program.

Hiring Company

  • Communicate upcoming open positions, including requirements and description.
  • Interview Careers2B participants and alumni.
  • Suggest improvements regarding the Careers2B Program.
  • Consider serving as a sponsor company, and identifying a reserved position.