In 2007, Bayer Corporation and Bender Consulting came together to form the Careers2B program. Beginning with a single participant, today it continues to grow. The innovative program designed to offer talented people with disabilities one year of paid work experience in a company, increases their marketability as they go on to begin their careers.

Greg Babe – Retired President & CEO, Bayer Corporation
The Careers2B program is a collaboration between two great Pittsburgh Companies, Bender Consulting Services and Bayer. And what it does is to create opportunities for people with disabilities.  To gain valuable work experience that will make them very marketable.  Companies like Bayer benefit by being part of this program because they get great employees.  People who come to work with a can-do attitude, who don't take their job for granted, they’re here every day, doing their absolute best.

Joyce Bender – Founder & CEO of Bender Consulting Services, Inc.
You know the Bender employees, my employees, who have participated in this partnership with Bayer, you have no idea how it has changed their life.  As it does any person with a disability that gets a chance to work and have dignity.  Because without employment, you are never, ever free in this country.  You can't buy a car. You can't buy a house.  You can't live that American dream until you have competitive employment.

Gary Dick - Vice President, Information Systems at Bayer Corporation
Bayer's model with Careers2B can help other companies in several different ways. One is, a lot of other companies are interested in doing something to help persons with disabilities but they're not really sure what to do, and this gives them a very clean program.  They don't have to look for additional headcount.  They don't have to go out and invent something with a consultant company. They can pretty much pick the model up as Bayer established it and place it right inside their company.  

Gary Dean - Careers2B participant
The program has helped strengthen two skills, really, and that would be technical and social.  The social aspect I would say is more broadening your horizons, meeting new people, trying new foods, new activities.  The technical skills side, I was able to meet with professionals in the industry who have been doing this for quite a while.  They were able to give me guidance and help when needed. 

Joyce Bender
You cannot believe how many companies have called me and said, "You know, Joyce, this is not a charity is it? We can tell.  Because when we bring these people on board, they're only doing one thing - helping our bottom line." 

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