How Hiring Companies Benefit

Hiring Companies, or those that hire Careers2B participants once they have completed their 12-month assignment with the Sponsor Company, benefit in several of the same ways as the Sponsor Companies do.  The Hiring Company is able to increase its representation of people with disabilities within its workforce.  Disability employment is an important issue for the federal government and any companies that serve the federal government; hiring people with disabilites is the best way to demonstrate progress.  Hiring companies also benefit from the work experience the person with a disability gained during their time at the Sponsor Company.  Therefore, hiring Careers2B  alumni allows Hiring Companies to address diversity and inclusion objectives, while simultaneously achieving strategic business goals. Like the Sponsor Companies, people with disabilities can add unique perspectives and innovation to the workplace, which ultimately leads to better service for clients and stronger solutions overall.  Finally, Hiring Companies will also see the positive organizational changes of making people with disabilities part of their teams.

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